Upcoming Events

Join Yona (with special friends & relations) face-to-face from all points of the globe.

Firefly Gathering 

June 21 to June 24, 2018

Yona  will share the Cherokee Prophesy of Feminine and Masculine and how they live in balance to honor all life and living things. Through ceremony, song, and honoring, Yona has been tasked by his Tsalagi elders to continue to weave the web of life by sharing the Tsalagi way and helping to connect all the colors of the rainbow.

Join Yona for Story Telling, and afternoon of Building of Sweat Lodge 

Ages 18 and up only

Past Events

Conscious Clarity:
Standing Rock Fundraiser

Friday, Jan. 6 • 8 - 10 p.m. • $25 (proceeds to benefit Standing Rock) • JP Centre Yoga670 Centre Street • 3rd Floor • Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Join Yona FrenchHawk, Cherokee Elder, Wisdom Keeper and Ceremonialist (Asheville, NC) and Carolyn Little, Registered Yoga & Meditation Facilitator, Certified Health Practitioner & Transformational Life Coach (Boston, MA) for an evening of ceremony, song and storytelling. Proceeds benefit the Standing Rock.

Carolyn and Yona will bridge the ancient, time-honored knowledge of the Cherokee with blended Earth-based spiritual traditions. As a group, we will enact the ancient Cherokee prophecy that human beings are all one Tribe, all indigenous to this planet.

Learn more about the medicinal qualities of Cedar, an evergreen that offers the essence of vigilance and awareness. This tree has long been known to call us into the depths of inner-knowing and truth - where it can awaken the ability to harness clarity & strength - tools needed so deeply in this modern age.  Move closer into conscious creation, empowerment and greater presence as this event guides us, in a good way, into the New Year ahead!  Dress comfortably and bring an item to be placed and blessed on the altar (crystal, rock, leaf, jewelry). You will take this with you at the end.

To learn more about my dear friend Carolyn Little, visit : www.livethrivelove

Standing in the Fire of Your Truth

Friday, Jan. 12 – Monday, Jan. 15, 2018
Nine Mountain Retreat Center9 Mountain Street • Plainfield, MA 01070

Standing in our truth does mean that from time the fire can get pretty intense. There are times where it takes more than one attempt to get the lessons in life to come into balance with our understanding.  Not only the understanding but also the comfort it brings to our spirit when we know that we are in alignment with the path that leads to our individual futures. And then joins with others as we journey along in a good way.

 Yona FrenchHawk and Carolyn Little are coming together to hold space for you to journey deep within, to listen, to honor your ancestral lineages and receive the guidance of your own deep inner-knowing. With this clarity, grounded in truth, you will have the opportunity to set intentions and identify actions that are in alignment with your purpose to guide you into this new year.



Cherokee Hand-Drum Making Workshop.

Friday, January 11, 2018 9 Mountain St. Plainfield, MA 01070

Join us for a unique one-day hand-drum workshop where you will learn the rich tradition of Cherokee Hoop Drum making.

Yona was taught at a young age by his elders how to craft ceremonial hoop drums and large “Mother” drums used at pow wows. Raised by performers, (dancers, singers & storytellers), he offers generations-old traditions passed down by from his people in a good way.

Note: Workshop cost includes Elk hide and lacing, cedar drum frame,  wooden striker (drum stick), materials and other leather working tools. Attendees will be provided with a handout describing the tradition of drum making and words to two songs we will learn and sing together. Please bring any food/snacks you would like for a shared meal for lunch.

Cost: $350 (If not attending full retreat- $400)
*$150 deposit is needed by Jan. 1 to cover the cost of materials and guarantee your seat at this special event.

Building the Cherokee Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge